Everyone has different reasons for seeking financial advice, but some of the most common reasons our clients have sought us out centres around major life events. We love hearing their stories and we share their hopes and dreams.

  • We allow our clients to Dream, Plan, Achieve their financial goals.
  • Our clients work hard to provide for their families. Most of the time they are time poor and require assistance in achieving their financial and lifestyle goals
  • Many of our clients are small business owners who invest heavily in their chosen field. This sometimes results in important aspects of their financial planning not being addressed properly. Superannuation strategies, protecting their business, themselves and their families are typical financial planning needs that generally need addressing.
  • Clients have noticed their family home rise considerably in price over the last few years and feel they need to take advantage of the success of their biggest investment. Wealth creation discussions is very well received by our clients which may incorporate strategies to reduce their mortgage quicker than they thought possible.
  • Many clients are starting to consider their retirement or even winding down work to spend more time with their family. Providing direction on how this can be achieved is very important to a lot of our clients.

Hear what clients say:

Wayne,59 years old:

I initially approached Brett with a big objective “Can you show me the way to utilise my current financial position so I may retire as early as possible with a financially secure future” Brett embraced the challenge by initially consulting with me to discover the level of retirement income I would feel comfortable with.

We had further open discussion as we worked through my financial situation and made relevant adjustments, with the focus of achieving my overall objective.
I was very happy with the attention and patience Brett gave me, along with the detailed approach he presented whilst working through the complexity of each stage required to build a suitable and robust investment portfolio.

I feel very confident with the investment plan Brett has presented and will continue to work with him as we make adjustments to suit future financial opportunities and life changes.

Lucille,63 years old:

I am so thrilled to have found Brett. He has entirely changed my future prospects. I am completely confident in his choices for me. For the first time, I now feel I am in control of my impending retirement and can look forward to a comfortable lifestyle; which until recently, I did not think I was able to attain. Brett is in regular contact with me and gets thing done promptly and professionally.